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Execution Capability

Ensuring the ability to execute strategies – before they fail!

Coordinating the efforts of HR, IT Process and Partner people in implementing strategies.

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Generation 3 Customer Success

Loyal Revenue Growth for IT Vendors

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Both Programs Utilise Success Outcomes

What are Success Outcomes?

Whenever people buy a product or service, there’s an outcome they want to achieve

In Business,
There are two types of customer outcomes.

Product outcomes

– the direct benefit of using your products or services

Success outcomes

– what the customer really wants to achieve; what the customer considers to be success

Success Outcomes create a new To-Be state and have an emotional connection for the customer.

To illustrate…

What the customer bought

Drill bit

Product outcome

Hole in the wall

Success Outcome

Picture on the wall

Imagine a restaurant

Product outcome

The restaurant serves great
food. The product outcome is
customers feeling full
and enjoying a great taste

Success Outcome

What the customers want is
a great time socialising with
friends or family. The food
is only part of the success

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