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Learn the Fundamentals of Outcome-based Customer Success.

Video-based Course.

Facilitated course available.

Income from Outcomes

You believe an Outcome Program will help you and your company. Now you want a framework, something to form the foundation for your own program.

In 90 minutes, these four videos will provide enormous insight into how to define your Outcome Structure, how to design an Outcome Lifecycle and how to apply both.

Or, if you prefer, we’ll run a facilitated course for you, either remote or face-to-face.

Outcome Structure

What you do for your customers. Your core outcome (Success Outcome), the smaller outcomes that contribute to the Success Outcome (Contributing Outcomes).

Outcome Lifecycle

How you work with your customers. Learn the three elements of an Outcome Lifecycle – Customer Journey, Outcome Cycle and Engagement Cycle.

Applying Your Outcome Structure

What it takes to enable outcomes, how to use your Outcome Structure to drive revenue and create references.

Additional Planning -Outcome Lifecycle

How to use your Outcome Lifecycle to establish metrics, review customer experience, review execution capability, define ‘who does what’ in the lifecycle and seek customer feedback.

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