Unrealised Income occurs when revenue, profit and company valuation
aren’t yet at a level you’re capable of achieving.


Income from Outcomes provides a simple framework for any company wanting to adopt or improve a customer outcome program.

The book draws on

  • The author’s experience in running an outcome program for over 5 years
  • Countless conversations with outcome-focused people across the world
  • Over 250 hours of formal interviews with more than 90 executives.

Every company could do better on revenue, profit and company valuation – even those performing well. Each has Unrealised Income.

This book provides a framework for tapping into Unrealised Income.

At the highest level, it’s not complex. Be crystal clear about the outcome you enable for business customers. Be aware of the decisions customers must make. Use your outcome approach to drive those decisions.

In this book, we address –

  • Why you shouldn’t ask customers the outcomes they want to achieve
  • How to identify the person most likely to create revenue opportunities for you
  • Why a line of business should focus on only one core customer outcome
  • The six decisions customers must make so you (and they) can succeed
  • What it takes to elicit those six decisions
  • Why you only need one principle when designing your customer engagement model
  • What it takes to create many advocates

This book is for you if you want to create great business outcomes for your customers. And in the process, create success for your company and yourself.

Mentioned by as one of the best customer success books to Read in 2021

“Paul has done a great job highlighting a major shift in IT vendors’ behaviour to drive for success outcomes. He’s been able to document this in a recognizable, straight forward and pragmatic framework. It’s a must-read for IT executives.”

— Stefan deHaar, Senior Vice President Asia Pacific, QAD

Stand aside, we’re coming through! That’s the cry of a new generation of technology vendors. They have a new approach to enabling success for their customers. And they’re thriving as a result.

These vendors all have subscription pricing at the heart of their business. Many were ‘born in the cloud’. But others have made the transition from traditional vendors to Cloud, SaaS and PaaS. Each has learned that if customers don’t feel they’ve had success, recurring revenue doesn’t grow and may even decline.

What makes them different? They have absolute clarity about what the customer considers success to be. And they’ve built their business around enabling that success. They know it’s the outcomes for the customer that count. They’re all members of the Outcome Generation.

This book provides a practical framework for vendors to join the Outcome Generation.

“Subscription pricing and recurring revenue are changing the technology landscape. The power has moved back to customers. If customers don’t feel successful, the vendor’s revenue suffers. Paul shows vendors how to turn this change to their advantage.”

— Matthew Michalewicz, CEO, Complexica

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The book that inspired Coordinated

A Business Fiction book:

Jordan Harris, new CEO at Leader Manufacturing, has a bold vision for the future; one that’s excited the board, executives and the staff. Now he must execute.

But, it isn’t working!

Jordan learns, in a most uncomfortable way, of a botched delivery to their second largest customer. He discovers even deeper issues which, if not fixed, will mean his career as CEO is over.

He is rocked to discover a missing link between his strategies and execution and to realise he is responsible for all that has gone wrong. He responds, developing a unique and enduring solution.

A work of fiction, the book brings into sharp focus a challenge facing every organisation – to execute strategies you must first have the capability to execute them, and you must develop this capability.

It’s an endemic challenge and the compelling, unique and enduring solution developed by Jordan is suitable for any organization.


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