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Enable business outcomes for your customers that create business income for you.

Customers buy technology products and services to achieve a business outcome…a new level of business performance. They may want to overcome a problem, or to improve on last year’s results or to implement a bold new strategy. There’s always an outcome.

At Outcome Leaders, we understand what it takes to enable business outcomes for customers. And we can help you turn customer outcomes into increased revenue. We provide a framework, education, workshops and consulting on Outcome-based Customer Success for technology companies.

Our founder, Paul Henderson, has over 20 years’ experience working in the technology sector. With over five years’ experience leading Outcome Programs and one a half years’ research in writing The Outcome Generation, Paul understands what works and what doesn’t for outcomes.

Outcome Leaders is more than just a consulting company. We aspire to unlock the potential of your organisation and make Outcome-based Customer Success the key to stronger customer engagement, better financial performance and better outcomes for your customers and you.


Increased Customer Retention

Increased Revenue from Customers

Increased New Business Revenue

Alignment of All Departments

Engaged Customer Executives

Joint Customer Engagement

Improved Employee Experience

Innovative Product Roadmap

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Outcome-based Customer Success

Customers buy from you to achieve a business outcome. If they achieve the business outcome, they’ll buy more from you. If they don’t achieve the business outcome, they’ll buy from someone else.

You need to be crystal clear about the outcome you help customers achieve. And do everything possible to help them achieve that outcome.


Start-ups and Early Phase Tech Companies

You have a great product and you’re having success with early adopters. But you know this approach won’t scale.

You need a Sales and Marketing approach now that will carry you forward as your business grows. And stop you having to re-invent yourself later.

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Small-Medium Tech Companies

You have an established business but it’s facing some challenges. You need a new approach to protect and expand revenue from existing customers, to win new customers and to align your internal departments.

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Medium-Large Customer Success Teams

You have a strong Customer Success team. You know you need to create revenue, but you don’t want your team to be ‘product salespeople’. And you know that making your customers more successful will increase retention and expand revenue.

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Learn at Your Own Pace

Want an introduction to Outcome-based Customer Success? A collection of videos, books and other content will inform you.

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Education and Training

Learn the core concepts of Outcome-based Customer Success, including Outcome Structures, Outcome Lifecycles and how to apply both. Video-based and facilitated courses available.

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Design Your Outcome Program

Through a series of facilitated workshops, you’ll design an Outcome Program tailored to your business. You can involve all internal departments or lead with one department such as Customer Success.

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Tackle Specific Challenges

Tackle challenges such as lead generation, executive engagement, new business (new logo) sales and innovative product development using outcomes. Through facilitated workshops you’ll design tailored solutions to these challenges.

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Advisory Service

Not sure where to start? Or have a program and want to discuss how to take it to the next level? We provide an advisory service to help.

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Un Problem # 2 – Unexpanded

December 1st, 2021|Article|

Expansion revenue from existing customers (upsell and cross-sell) isn’t as high as it might be. Unexpanded has a few facets: Poor Coverage of Existing Customers Vendors have traditionally [...]

Un Problem #1 – Unengaged

November 26th, 2021|Article|

Customers and prospects have changed the way they buy. They now engage vendors much later in their buying cycle. Vendors are ‘Unengaged’ in the early buying cycle phases. [...]


The Outcome Generation provides the foundation for Outcome-based Customer Success. Audio, eBook or Printed Book.

How to use outcomes to drive the internal operations of a business.

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Outcome Leaders Club

This is a club for people around the world who

  • Believe vendors should make customer outcomes their central focus
  • Are leading or interested in leading an outcome program in their company (that’s where the name of the club comes from – the members will be the Outcome Leaders)
  • Want to benefit from other people’s experience and knowledge
  • Ideally, are willing to contribute to the club
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