RACI Chart (Roles and Responsibilities Matrix)

RACI Chart

Customer Journey
  • Responsible – R – The Doer
  • Responsible to complete the task
  • doers - they get the job done
  • Responsibility can be shared
  • Accountability needs to be maintained
  • Accountable – A – The Buck Stops Here
  • Answerable for all the activity in the step
  • Ensures all responsibilities are assigned properly
  • Have the power of saying yes or no to anything
  • There is only one A in a step
  • Consult – C – In the Loop
  • People who need to be consulted before taking a final decision or action.
  • Input needs to be discussed with them before implementing any ideas.
  • Active participants
  • always in the loop.
  • Informed – I – Keep in the Picture
  • People who need to be informed after a decision has been made.
  • One way communication process


  • For A (Accountable) – choose the lowest level of authority (don’t want to send everything to CEO)
  • Don’t need a letter in every box
  • It’s about the ideal lifecycle, not the current practices
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