If you want to create a business outcome for customers, a playbook would help. To achieve a business outcome, a customer must get five elements right. They need –

– Processes – processes focused on the outcome
– Systems – systems, usually technology (but not always), to support the processes
– People Skills – people with the right skill set, knowledge and motivation
– Partners – most customers have their own business partners. This includes suppliers, banks, subcontractors and so on. The customer needs the Partners properly integrated.
– Supporting elements – these include items such as policies, measurement and reporting. Customers need policies that support the outcome. The outcome needs to be measured and the right reports created.

The capitals in bold create the initialism PSPSPS. To achieve a business outcome, customers must get all five elements of PSPSPS right. If the customer fails to get any of the five elements right, it’s unlikely they’ll achieve the outcome.

Some of PSPSPS lies beyond what most vendors offer. So why should a playbook include PSPSPS?

If the customer doesn’t achieve the business outcome, the vendor’s future revenue is at stake. The customer could churn. Or reduce usage. Or just stagnate.

So, it’s in the vendor’s interest to ensure the customer gets PSPSPS right.

And that should be the starting point of an Outcome Playbook.

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