Free Ebook: How to Sell Outcomes

There’s a new generation of technology vendors. And they’re upending technology sales. They know that subscription pricing has shifted power back to customers. If the customers don’t achieve success, they can cancel their subscription. Or keep what they’ve got, but not grow usage. Either way, the vendor’s revenue suffers.
And here’s the catch—success for the customer isn’t getting the vendor’s product working. The vendor’s product is a means to achieve a bigger business outcome the customer needs.
So, this new generation of technology vendors develops crystal clarity about what the customer regards as success. And they win by selling their ability to enable that success.

In this eBook, you’ll learn

  • The three generations of technology sales

  • how to define the outcomes your customers regard as success

  • why the new generation sell these outcomes

  • how they engage with existing customers

  • how they sell new business (new logo) deals

  • how they set themselves up for maximum revenue over time