Some observers treat digital transformation as an end in itself. “Company XX are doing a digital transformation!”, they say.

A transformation is a business model change. You want to run the business differently. The change will have an aim. It may be driven by ESG (Environment, Social or Governance). But it’s more often a desire to increase revenue, reduce costs or reduce business risk.

In B2B, your business helps your customers achieve a business outcome. For business model change, being clear about the outcome you create for customers offers a great starting point.

You can then think through the most effective way of enabling that business outcome. Consider the customer journey and look at how you engage at each step. Identify the opportunities for improvement.

Now, consider how you’ll execute. What capability do you need? Do you need to make changes in processes, systems (technology), people skills or partners?

You can now see the changes needed to execute the business model change. Digital transformation will be part of the change. But only a part.

Digital transformation is not an end in itself.

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