Developing, marketing, selling, implementing and supporting technology products is a good thing. Customers get benefits. And maybe value. Vendor case studies showcase customers who have said positive things.

Surely staff are right to believe their work creates benefits for customers. And in turn to feel a sense of purpose. The staff are doing something useful. Right?

But few technology companies verify their customers achieve great business outcomes. So, there’s only an indirect link between the work staff do and measurable success for the customer. Staff take it on faith that the customer has benefited. Always with a touch of uncertainty in the back of their minds.

Consider what happens with an outcome program. You’ll focus on enabling measurable business outcomes for customers. And measure the results.

Now, staff have tangible proof that customers benefit. And so their work becomes more meaningful. They see a clear link between the work they do and real, measurable outcomes for customers.
And that creates a higher sense of purpose.

And a higher sense of purpose will produce a more fulfilled, engaged workforce. With all the benefits that brings to staff and their employer.

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