We ask Account Managers (AM’s) and Customer Success Managers (CSM’s) to learn the outcomes their customers want to achieve. And to show how our products and services can enable the outcome.

So, they go to the first customer. They learn the outcome. And they work out how to link our products to the outcome.

They go to the second customer. This customer wants a different outcome. So, our AM/CSM tries to link our products to this second outcome.

The third customer gives yet another outcome. So does the fourth, the fifth and the sixth. Every customer has a different outcome.

The AM/CSM feels swamped. They don’t have the time or knowledge to link our products to all these different outcomes.

And now think about every AM and CSM in your company facing the same challenge. Your company doesn’t have enough resources to deal with so many different outcomes.

Asking each customer the outcome they want doesn’t scale.

You can do something much simpler. Decide the core outcome you enable for your customers. Teach your AM’s and CSM’s how to talk about this one outcome. Then become the best at enabling this one outcome.

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