For customers to trust us, they must believe we will act well.

But where does that belief come from? Here are some thoughts –

Truth – the customer must believe we will tell them most of the truth. They don’t expect us to be 100% open. But they believe we won’t leave out anything significant, particularly if it might damage their interests.

Fairness – the customer understands we are in business, just as they are. They expect us to balance the interests of our company and their company. And they need complete confidence we will never act against their interests.

Track record – trust takes time. The customer needs a consistent experience with us over that time. When they feel confident they know how we will behave, they can trust us.

Expertise – they need to believe we know what we’re talking about. That we have the knowledge and experience to help them. We need some gravitas. We must also provide them with insight. They need to learn from us. And believe that we will apply our knowledge and experience to their benefit.

If we can deliver on these elements, we can establish trust.

What do you think? Anything that shouldn’t be there or that needs to be added?

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