The Outcomes Guy. Speaker, Author and Consultant on creating Income from Outcomes.

Technology companies are searching for better ways to drive revenue and profit growth. Paul is a global authority on using Outcome Programs to achieve this growth. He’s literally written the book on outcomes…. two of them, in fact. 

The industry has shifted to SaaS and other ‘as-a-service’ models. The resultant shift of power back to customers has forced technology companies to change. They need new ways to improve retention and increase win-rates. That’s why powerhouse companies such as Microsoft, SAP, Salesforce, Adobe and many more are adopting Outcome Programs. 

Paul’s most recent book, The Outcome Generation, has been adopted by companies across the world. He appears regularly on podcasts and webinars and publishes content every week about outcomes and Outcome Programs. 

His knowledge stems from first-hand experience. He spent over five years designing and successfully running an Outcome Program across the Asia Pacific region. He did so as the Asia Pacific head of an enterprise software (ERP) company with 200 staff in nine countries supporting 800 customers. He then spent one and a half years researching and writing The Outcome Generation.

From 30-minute chats to multi-day workshops, Paul’s content and style engage audiences everywhere. And fills them with enthusiasm for applying an outcome approach to their customers.


Presentations and workshops may be in person or online.

Short Presentations – 30-90 minutes – well suited for Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, Professional Services teams or for senior management groups. These are filled with aha! moments and real stories of outcome successes.

  1. Outcome Programs – Core Concepts and Benefits – for audiences that don’t yet have an Outcome Program and want to understand why the big companies are moving this way. 
  2. The Eight Elements Every Outcome Program Needs to Drive Growth – for audiences who want a simple framework around which to build an Outcome Program.
  3. Outcome-based Selling – driving revenue growth without being ‘product salespeople’ – for sales teams and Customer Success teams.
  4. Using Outcomes to Build Authority and Trust with Prospects and Customers – for Marketing, Sales and Customer Success teams.

Half-day Workshops

Paul will lay the foundation for a group intending to implement an Outcome Program, or who want to improve an existing Outcome Program. He’ll introduce in-depth concepts and spend time explaining how to apply them. These sessions are for audiences ready to act on an Outcome Program or wanting more insight before making a commitment.

Multi-day Workshops

Two types of programs are available

  1. Outcome Program Planning – audiences will create a structured plan for an Outcome Program tailored to their business. Ideal for senior managers of either a single department (which is spear-heading a program) or all departments for a company-wide initiative.  
  2. Outcome Training – hands-on training for people directly engaging customers. We’ll cover how to use outcomes to 
    1. build authority and trust 
    2. lead prospects and customers along a path of escalating engagement
    3. differentiate and stand out from competitors
    4. drive revenue growth without being ‘product salespeople and much more


Personal Testimonial

“I have had the opportunity to work with Paul for over ten years. During this time, I have seen him run multi-day business unit managers meetings, present to our executive committee, discuss his region’s performance and plans with the whole company (1,800 employees), deliver motivational speeches at our sales workshop, and participate in keynote panels. Paul is extremely well prepared, deeply credible and charismatic on stage. These traits stem from his passion for business process and outcomes.”

– Carter Lloyds Senior VP and CMO, QAD, Inc.

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