Paul is an authority on outcomes and customer success programs for technology vendors.

Significant technology vendors now focus on outcomes when engaging with customers. They include SAP, Salesforce, Mulesoft, ServiceNow, Adobe, New Relic and many more. Paul offers insight into the emerging generation of technology vendors – the Outcome Generation. He explains why they’re making this shift. And he offers a practical framework for implementing an outcome-based approach.


Paul spent over five years designing and implementing customer success programs across the Asia Pacific region. He did so as the Asia Pacific head of an enterprise software (ERP) company with over 200 staff in nine countries supporting 800 customers.

He’s written two books –

The Chief Capability Officer – Delivering the Capability to Execute

The Outcome Generation – How A New Generation of Technology Vendors Thrive Through True Customer Success.

And he’s used the principles of Outcome-based Customer Success to win million-dollar cloud deals across the region.

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Key Presentation Topics

The Outcome Generation

Paul discusses the three generations of technology vendor engagement with customers. He describes the Features Generation (first generation), the Solution Generation (second generation) and the new generation called the Outcome Generation. He explains why technology vendors are adopting an Outcome-based approach and the benefits of doing so.

Outcome-based Customer Success

Paul introduces the audience to Outcome-based Customer Success. He explains how Outcome-based vendors have moved past solving current customer problems and now focus on enabling future outcomes. They distinguish between product outcomes (the direct benefit of a product or service) and success outcomes (the outcome the customer really cares about). He shows how their focus on success outcomes protects and grows revenue, provides differentiation and identifies new sources of growth. And he provides a six-step process for implementing an Outcome-based Customer Success program.

Designing Customer Outcome Programs

Introduction to Outcome-based Selling and Success Webinar

Speaking at the First Annual Data Forum, November 2018