Small-Medium Technology Companies

You’ll learn about and then design an Outcome Program tailored to your business.

We’ll help you select from the options in each of the four steps shown here.

Income from Outcomes

You face tough competitors. How do you retain and grow your existing customers and gain new customers? How do you drive the growth you want?

We’ll show you how to use Outcome-based Customer Success to do just that – minimise churn and increase revenue from existing customers while increasing the number of new customers. We’ll also show you how an Outcome Program aligns your internal departments around a common purpose.

Start by watching the free videos in Step 1 or contact us to discuss your program.

1 Understand the Benefits
Free videos


Success Outcomes


Watch the Free Videos

2 Learn the Fundamentals
Education Videos

Outcome Structure

Outcome Lifecycle

Applying Your Outcome Structure

Additional Planning – Outcome Lifecycle

3 Design Your Outcome Program
Facilitated Workshops

Define Your Outcome Structure (half-day)

Program Setup (half-day)
Scope, governance, leadership, project management

Program Preparation (half-day)
– Confirm fundamentals, personas, segment for pilot

Outcome Workshop (2 days)
– Design your Outcome Program

Contact Us to Discuss Your Program

4 Prepare for and
Launch the Pilot
Facilitated Workshops and Training

Execution Capability

Outcome Bundles

Outcome Measures

Change Management

Outcome Conversations

Revenue Creation
(Detailed Plan)

Outcome-based Services Projects

Continuous Improvement Cycle