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  • Subscription pricing has moved the power back to customers. If they don’t have success, they can cancel, or just not grow their usage. Either way, the vendor’s revenue suffers. A new generation of technology vendors has learned how to cope—by enabling true customer success. They focus on business outcomes the customers regard as success. And they build their business around enabling those outcomes. Sales are up, customer satisfaction is up, recurring revenue is growing, and the valuation of these vendors is exploding. Buy the book now and learn how the new generation has achieved all this.
  • The book that inspired Coordinated Capability

    A Business Fiction book: Jordan Harris, new CEO at Leader Manufacturing, has a bold vision for the future; one that’s excited the board, executives and the staff. Now he must execute. But, it isn’t working! Jordan learns, in a most uncomfortable way, of a botched delivery to their second largest customer. He discovers even deeper issues which, if not fixed, will mean his career as CEO is over. He is rocked to discover a missing link between his strategies and execution and to realise he is responsible for all that has gone wrong. He responds, developing a unique and enduring solution. A work of fiction, the book brings into sharp focus a challenge facing every organisation – to execute strategies you must first have the capability to execute them, and you must develop this capability. It’s an endemic challenge and the compelling, unique and enduring solution developed by Jordan is suitable for any organization.