Step 1


Step 1 – Understand the Benefits of An Outcome Approach

A quick introduction to Outcome-based Customer Success and its benefits.

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Step 2

USD $39

Step 2 – Learn the Fundamentals of Outcome-based Customer Success

Video-based tuition. You'll learn about Outcome Structures (the business outcomes you enable for your customers), Outcome-based Customer Lifecycles (how you and your customers will work together to enable outcomes) and how to apply both concepts.

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What You Enable for Your Customers

USD $1950

What You Enable for Your Customers – The Core Thing Your Business Does

A facilitated workshop. You'll develop your Outcome Structure - the outcomes you enable for your customers. It begins with being crystal clear about the core outcome you enable for your customers - your Success Outcome. You'll then identify the smaller outcomes required for this core outcome to be enabled - Contributing Outcomes. This simple structure will be the foundation of your Outcome Program. Half-day program, usually broken into 2-3 sessions.

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