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You owe it to your customers to have more influence in your own company. And to get promoted. You’re the champion of what’s important to customers. They need you to influence your company to adopt the right approaches.

To achieve more influence and get promoted, two things will make a difference. A great strategy and an impact on revenue and profit.This half-day workshop, based on the book; The Outcome Generation, provides both. You’ll get a framework for developing a clear strategy. And we’ll show you how to increase revenue without being ‘salesy’.

You owe it your customers (and yourself) to be there. Click on your city now to register.


Australia: A$249 per person
UK: £129 per person
USA: US$189 per person


  • The Outcome Generation – Why major vendors have adopted outcomes
  • Who Should Lead on Outcomes? – Which department should take the lead and why
  • The Benefits of Outcome-based Customer Success – Why you should make outcomes central to customer engagement
  • Success Outcomes – the bigger outcome your customers really care about. And your business’ central mission.
  • A Framework for Outcome-based Customer Success – DEEP Engagement provides an end-to-end approach for engaging customers.
  • Outcomes at Every Step of the Ideal Customer Lifecycle – We’ll show you how to drive an ideal customer lifecycle through outcomes
  • Engagement with Different Customer Segments – you engage differently with each segment of your customers. We’ll show how a common frame of reference can simplify this challenge.
  • Increasing Revenue Without ‘Selling’ – methods to retain true customer success as your central focus and increase revenue at the same time.
  • Outcome Bundles – a simplified way of offering outcomes to customers
  • Special Techniques for High-touch Customers – an outcome approach opens the possibility of new engagement techniques for our biggest customers
  • Next Steps – how to move forward


You can download the brochure for the Half-day Workshop.


Before founding Outcome Leaders, Paul Henderson led the Asia Pacific region for a mid-sized enterprise software company. He had 200 people across nine countries supporting 800 enterprise customers
He then left the software company, spent one and a half years researching and writing, and published his second book; The Outcome Generation: How a New Generation of Technology Vendors Thrives through True Customer Success.
Paul’s practical experience and his research for the book underpin the Outcome-based Customer Success program.


Our business name is Outcome Leaders. But, we’re not the Outcome Leaders. That will be your role. We’ll help you lead your organization to Outcome-based Customer Success. We give you the framework and methodology. But the program will be yours.

We won’t be the heroes or heroines of this story.

That will be you.