Step 1 – Why Outcomes?

Help key people in your business understand why they should adopt an outcome-based approach to engaging with customers.

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Step 2 – How Outcome-based Customer Success Works

In Step 2, key people will learn the fundamentals of Outcome-based Customer Success. By subscribing, you’ll have access to online tuition. We provide a series of videos, exercises and tools to educate the key people in your business.

In the ‘Why Outcomes?’ videos, we introduced Product Outcomes and Success Outcomes. We discussed the benefits of focusing on Success Outcomes.

You’ll now dive more deeply into Success Outcomes. We’ll show you how to choose the Success Outcome your business serves. As part of this section, we’ll introduce Success Hierarchies.

We’ll then introduce a framework called DEEP Engagement. DEEP Engagement identifies four phases of engagement with customers. You can use this framework to develop an engagement model covering your whole customer lifecycle.

Next, we’ll look at each customer-facing department’s role in Outcome-based Customer Success.
We’ll consider their part in enabling Success Outcomes for the customer.
We’ll then do a deeper dive into Sales and look at Outcome-based Selling.
Finally, we’ll consider implementation and the steps you’ll go through on the road to Outcome-
based Customer Success.
At the end of this education, you’ll understand the key principles of Outcome-based Customer
The subscription gives you ongoing access to this content. You’ll need ongoing access for new people
joining the company or those changing roles.
The annual subscription fee is USD490 per company per annum. Included in this price are –

  • access to the online tuition
  • an initial 50-minute consult with our founder (Paul Henderson)
  • membership of Outcome Leaders Club

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Step 3 – Outcome Workshop

We’ll facilitate a two-day workshop. You’ll apply the general principles from Steps 1 & 2 to your own business. We offer private and public workshops.


At the end of Workshop, you’ll have:

  • an understanding of the key elements of Outcome-based Customer Success
  • defined a business outcome (Success Outcome) you serve
  • defined the cycle your customers go through when buying and using your products and services (customer journey)
  • defined the outcome you want to achieve at each step of the customer journey.
  • defined an ideal customer lifecycle – how you want to engage at each step of the customer journey for one segment of your customers
  • assessed, at a high level, your readiness to implement the ideal customer lifecycle
  • designed an outcome bundle – a simple way of selling and enabling outcomes
  • reviewed how Success Outcomes can help you plan for new products and services

The price for the Outcome Workshop

  • Private USD6900.
  • Public USD4900.

Step 4 – Execution Planning

In this step, we’ll help you plan the staged rollout of Outcome-based Customer Success. We recommend beginning with a pilot program and will help you build a practical approach for your pilot.

The level of assistance we provide after setting up the pilot will be up to you. You may feel you can proceed without further assistance.

The price for this stage will vary depending on the level of help you’d like from us.