Step 1 – Why Outcomes?

Help key people in your business understand why they should adopt an outcome-based approach to engaging with customers.

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Step 2 – Learn the Fundamentals of Outcome-based Customer Success

In Step 2, you’ll learn the fundamentals of Outcome-based Customer Success. The video-based course covers two main topics.

  • The Outcome Structure
    • The role of the core outcome your business enables – the Success Outcome
    • The smaller outcomes that contribute to achievement of the Success Outcome – Contributing Outcomes
    • The elements required to achieve any business outcome
  • The Outcome Lifecyle
    • How you work with customers to enable outcomes
    • Based on an engagement model called DEEP Engagement

Outcome Structure Workshop – What You Enable for Your Customers. A workshop to define your Outcome Structure – the Success Outcome and Contributing Outcomes you help customers achieve. This is a half-day facilitated workshop, broken into 2 or 3 shorter sessions. It can be done now or at the start of Step 3.

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Step 3 – Develop a Plan for Your Outcome Pilot

You’ll design an Outcome Program for your business. Through a series of facilitated workshops, you’ll develop a tailored approach to enabling outcomes for your customers.

Facilitated workshops include

  • Workshops to help prepare for your program
    • Outcome Structure Workshop – define your Outcome Structure (if not already run)
    • Program Setup Workshop – define the scope, objectives and leadership of your program
    • Preparation Workshop – ensure understanding of fundamentals, establish personas and focus segment
  • Outcome Workshop – the key workshop – design your tailored Outcome Program

Step 4 – Prepare for and Run Your Pilot

You’ll do the preparation needed to launch your Outcome Program. We recommend a pilot approach initially.

Through a series of facilitated workshops, you’ll ensure you’re ready to launch.

Facilitated workshops include

  • Execution Capability – a plan for training and tools needed
  • Outcome Bundles – a way to package your outcome offering so it’s more like a product
  • Outcome Measures
  • Change Management
  • Revenue Creation – more detail
  • Outcome-based Services Projects
  • Establishing the repeating cycle of engagement

You’ll decide which of these workshops make sense for your company as you design your tailored program.

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