Book Launch

Unrealised Income occurs when revenue, profit and company valuation
aren’t yet at a level you’re capable of achieving.


Book Launch

Income from Outcomes launches in January 2022. It provides a simple framework for any company wanting to adopt or improve a customer outcome program.

The book draws on

• The author’s experience in running an outcome program for over 5 years
• Countless conversations with outcome-focused people across the world
• Over 250 hours of formal interviews with more than 100 executives.

Every company could do better on revenue, profit and company valuation – even those performing well. Each has Unrealised Income.

This book provides a framework for tapping into Unrealised Income.

At the highest level, it’s not complex. Be crystal clear about the outcome you enable for business customers. Be aware of the decisions customers must make. Use your outcome approach to drive those decisions.

In this book, we address –

  • Why you shouldn’t ask customers the outcomes they want to achieve
  • How to identify the person most likely to create revenue opportunities for you
  • Why a line of business should focus on only one core customer outcome
  • The six decisions customers must make so you (and they) can succeed
  • What it takes to elicit those six decisions
  • Why you only need one principle when designing your customer engagement model
  • What it takes to create many advocates

This book is for you if you want to create great business outcomes for your customers. And in the process, create success for your company and yourself.

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