Benefits of Outcome-based Customer Success

Increased Customer Retention

Enable a business outcome important to the customer and they’ll stay. The value you help customers achieve is clearer.

Increased Expansion Revenue

Increased expansion revenue (upsell and cross-sell) – identify business initiatives to improve the Success Outcome, your product will be bought as part of the business initiative. More effective than trying to directly sell more product.

Earlier influence – use outcomes to influence customers and prospects earlier in their buying cycle – while they’re thinking about business results and before they’re thinking about technology products.

Increased New Business (New Logo) Revenue

Your competitors are trying to sell their products. You’re trying to help the customer achieve a business outcome they care about. You stand out from the crowd, which increases your win-rate.

More references and advocates – you create heroes and heroines in existing customers by helping key people get credit for a business outcome the top management of the customer regard as a success. Heroes and heroines love telling prospects how great you are to work with.

Alignment of All Departments

Alignment of all internal departments around a single purpose – enable a core outcome for customers (Success Outcome). Each department has a common focus and a clear role.

Engaged Customer Executives

Engage at the executive level by discussing a business outcome important to the executive, not discussing your products (which they don’t care about).

Joint Customer Engagement

Move from ad-hoc, transactional engagement to a repeating cycle of engagement driven by continuous improvement of the core outcome (Success Outcome)

Joint engagement and partnership – business outcomes require vendor and customer to work together (it’s not just about the software).

Improved Employee Experience

Instil a greater sense of purpose in staff, resulting in increased staff retention and increased discretionary effort. Enabling business outcomes provides a more direct link between the employee’s work and great results for customers. Getting your products working is less direct.

Create new promotion paths – roles that focus on the Success Outcome, not just product.

Innovative Product Roadmap

Clearer and more innovative Product Roadmap

  • Every product or service must improve your ability to enable the Success Outcome
    • Gives a frame of reference to resolve disputes about what new features/products/services should be developed
  • Assists in setting development priorities
    • The better a proposed product helps enable the core outcome, the higher the priority
    • Allows all departments to understand development priorities
  • More innovation – outcomes are a new lens through which to brainstorm new products and services, including disruptive products