Advisory Service

Not sure where to start? Or have a program and want to discuss how to take it to the next level?

We provide an advisory service to help.

Income from Outcomes

You want to plan your next steps of an Outcome Program. You may not have started and are looking for guidance. Or you’ve made progress and want to take your program to the next level.

We’ll help you define your Outcome Structure through a half-day workshop. Then we’ll take you through a structured review to understand your current position and define the to-be state you want to reach. We’ll offer suggestions, but you will decide what you’ll tackle and how you’ll do so.

Start by watching the free videos in Step 1 or contact us to discuss your program.

1 Understand the Benefits
Free videos


Success Outcomes


Watch the Free Videos

2 Learn the Fundamentals
Education Videos

Outcome Structure

Outcome Lifecycle

Applying Your Outcome Structure

Additional Planning – Outcome Lifecycle

3 Define Your Outcome Structure 
Facilitated Workshops

Workshop (half-day).
You’ll apply the learning from Step 2 to define your Outcome Structure – the outcomes you enable for customers. These will form the foundation of your Sales and Marketing program.

Contact Us to Discuss Your Program

4 Structured Review
Facilitated Workshop

The videos in Steps 1 and 2 will establish a common reference, a common understanding.

We’ll conduct a review of where you are today. We’ll then help you plan where you want to be

Finally, we’ll help you develop a plan for how you will get there